Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday Stealing: The Questions Galore Meme Pt. 3

Today we ripped off a blogger named Jenni from the blog Juniper's Jungle. It's long, so we will do it in parts. She states that she found this meme Budgies blog. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Take the time to comment on other player's posts. It's a great way to make new friends! Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: The Questions Galore Meme, Part 3

Cheers to all of us thieves!

41. What is a quote that you love?
            Revenge is a dish best served cold
42. Do you think of pure hate as something humanity created?
            No I see hatred in other species also but it seems to be for different reasons than humans hate each other
43. When was the last time you wanted to scream?
           When I realized Bud was angry with me because of my comments on Sunday Stealing
44. Do you ever at times see the world in black and white?
      Yes, every time I go downtown
45. Have you ever thought that cell phones are too obtrusive?
      No, because it's the only link I have with my wife in the Philippines that doesn't mean I have to sit in front of the computer.
46. In your life, where do you think the rainbow will end?
       Probably somewhere in San Fransisco
47. What is something that you never want to do again?
        Make fun of Bud's Memes... syke! No but seriously...
48.When was the first time you realized the world was small?
     When I got butthurt on Bud's blog, suddenly I was like "Oh crap! That's me he's talking about!"
49. How you spend your time contemplating life’s mysteries?
     I don't have time for all that
50. Ever discuss your political beliefs with people?
    All. The. Freaking. Time. 
51. Do you care about the environment?
    Yes, my backyard is a nature space
52. What’s your motto for life?
    Get over it.
53. Is progress destroying the beauty of the world?
    What is progress?  Much that is done in the name of progress is actually subjugation.  So yes.
54. Do you believe there is life somewhere else in the universe?
    Yes and I hope they are more intelligent than us
55. Would you like to rule a country?
     Hell no, too much power
56. Do you believe everything has a purpose?
    No, sometimes it's the things with no purpose that are most beautiful
57. Is war ever for the best?
    War accomplishes nothing, however sometimes it must be done to protect those who are weaker than us.
58. Could you kill anyone in defense of self or loved ones?
59. How do you react to people (Such as Governor Rick Perry) who don't believe global warming is really our fault?
     Global Warming is a farce, Perry sucks, Go Newt!
 60. Does love conquer all?
     Yes, but it still doesn't pay the bills
61. Is euthanasia morally acceptable?
     Only with the consent of the euthanized
62. Is world peace impossible?
     No, we are too different
63. Is pride a good or a bad thing?
     You should be happy in your accomplishments however false pride is the death of the soul
64.What do you think is the purpose of your life?
      To annoy those around me and write blogs oh yeah and answer memes
65. Do you believe in karma?

I'm sorry to have to go, but sadly, this will be the last time I participate in Sunday Stealing.  It's not because of anything that anyone said or did but I just don't feel it's a good fit for my blog as I'd rather stay on topic with the Vintage Ads & Recipes Theme.  Thanks to everyone who visited and commented, I'll still check out your answers every week on your blogs.  ~BrSpiritus


  1. I loved that scene in Kill Bill! We were thinking along the same lines in several of our answers this week.


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