Monday, October 24, 2011

New Format

I've given it a great deal of thought over the past week and decided on some changes to the blog, certain tweeks to make it more professional.  Starting the coming Saturday the changes will be:

A new weekly format for articles, I have shelving the Blogger's Helpdesk for right now because it just doesn't fit in with the theme of my blog.  Also I will no longer be participating in Sunday Stealing as meme's again are just not a good fit for the blog.  Wednesday however I will continue with last week's trial of Wordless Wednesday.  I can still fit it in with the food theme and it was a good hit with readers.

I apologize to all my Entrecard droppers if I'm not returning the favor as much as I was.  Entrecard has been having constant issues lately and I was getting sick of being frustrated.  I will try my best, within the limitations of time and availability, to return all cards dropped on me.  My blog is also now in the "History" section and is 3rd place, excellent!

Also you will notice at the bottom of posts I now have buttons for Twitter, Stumbleupon and Facebook.  I'll be adding others as well as I just didn't feel the buttons supplied by blogspot were making full use of the social media networks to promote my blog.  We're well on the way to 3,000 pageviews this month (October) which is spectacular for a blog that's only 2 months old.


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