Friday, October 21, 2011

Ad & Cocktail: Kinsey Gin & The Martini

1947 Kinsey Gin

This 1947 ad asks "Are you in the middle on the Martini question?"  It sounds like a political debate, between right and left.  Martinis were the drink of choice in the 40's and 50's and it was sometime in the 1960's when the move was on away from a gin base to a vodka martini, brought on no doubt by the popularity of Mr. James Bond.  This ad gives us 3 ways to make a martini:

Sherry Martini

1 Part Dry Sherry
3 Parts Gin

4-to-1 Martini

1 Part Dry Vermouth
4 Parts Gin

Dry Martini

1 Part Dry Vermouth
2 Parts Gin

With olive (always) or without (heaven forfsend), or with onion (that's a gimlet not a martini).  Now personally I prefer the vodka martini although I drink a gin martini from time to time.  Dad and I tend to buy Bombay Gin because it makes a kicking gin and tonic but for me the flavour is too strong in a martini.  So I'm still on the search for a lighter tasting gin to use.  My favorite recipe?  I prefer the 1910 version:

1 Part Dry Vermouth
1 Part Gin (or Vodka)

Pour over cracked ice and stir gently (never shaken).  Add 2 dashes Orange Bitters to glass and swirl.  Strain into glass add 3 olives and serve.

Now vermouth is something I happen to have done alot of (hic) firsthand research on.  Many of the old brands have "sold out" over the years and their quality has been sacrificed in favour of quantity and profit.  One brand that has not, however, is Noilly and Pratt.  This is excellence defined as they age the vermouth in oak barrels near the seashore to simulate a long ocean voyage.  The taste is unparalleled and at $10/ 750ml it's not going to break the bank. Please note the Orange Bitters are mandatory.  They add a certain Je ne sais quoi quality to the drink that is the icing on the cake in my opinion.


  1. I have to admit, that I am not a fan of martinis or of gin. I prefer girly drinks with lots of fruit and umbrellas.

  2. This sounds so cool. I wish I know how to drink any of these :-)

    Thanks for swinging by at LAINY'S MUSINGS.

    See you around!


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