Friday, April 3, 2020

U Boat Food Project Days 11 & 12

     This post catches me up to the present day and with it we have a special meal, sauerbraten.  Sauerbraten was used to use up the last of the fresh beef which by this time would have been starting to go sour even under refrigeration.  Vinegar has long been used as means of hiding the flavor of beef that is a bit off and while the Romans were preserving meat in red wine over 2000 years ago, the probable origins of this dish go back to the time of Charlemagne.  It was the meal the sailors on U Boats most looked forward to and it marked the end of the fresh food on the voyage, for after this canned food was relied on for the meals.  I used a Rhineland version of the recipe where the sauce is finished off with some honey, currants and cranberries.

U Boat Food Project: Days 9 & 10

     So I got a little behind these last few days, my apologies, life comes at you fast and I was busy with some personal issues.  I made lunch the last 4 days but I did not follow the menu for dinner because I was clearing up leftovers in the fridge from these rather large lunches and one day I skipped dinner entirely because I wasn't in the mood emotionally.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Gluten Free Pork Schitzel and Jager Gravy Recipe

     A week or so before the madness started with COVID-19, I was diagnosed as being celiac.  It certainly answered alot of health questions I have had kicking around in my brain all my life so I immediately cut gluten from my life forever.  It's been a strange transition but I feel better because of making the change.  Needless to say, I have had to make a change to the U Boat recipes that I am doing for this project and this schnitzel is one of them.  I found some chickpea crumbs for breading at Sprouts and I thought that would make an excellent final coating for the schnitzel while keeping it crisp.

U Boat Food Project: Day 8

     Well this first week of this historical project is in the books so to speak.  I shot a video on my youtube channel where I explain my thoughts and feelings after the first week of this menu, you can check it out below.  Today was the last day of fresh milk and cream, from here on out it is evaporated or condensed milk and the recipes will reflect this change.  This will also be the last week of fresh meat.  I had to draw a line somewhere and say they could not have reasonably had fresh meat after this point.  In various anecdotes I have found about food on board U Boats, it was said the men looked forward to sauerbraten day the most but it was bittersweet as it was also the last day they would see fresh meat.  This makes sense as meat lasts about 5 days in the refrigerator before going bad and if you were to load out the ship with frozen beef you could extend it by 3-4 days thawing time but by the 12th day, any beef was getting slimy so you had to hide this with vinegar.  Don't worry though, I'm using fresh beef for the recipe later this week as although I am historically accurate, I don't need to invite disaster while the hospitals are full of sick people.

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