Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Review: Sabaw ng Misua or Misua Soup With Meatballs

I thought for a Saturday posting idea it would be cool to review recipes I've tried from other websites.  I lived in the Philippines for 3 years after marrying my wife so I have an appreciation for Philippine cooking.  It's not all vintage recipes all the time, I do sometimes cook Filipino recipes to keep her happy and well, I like them too.  Now soup in the Philippines is different from soup over here.  We've gone happy on cream based soups while in the Philippines the soups are broth based.  They can be normal savory soups or they can be sour soups where the broth is given a tangy taste with the addition of tamarind.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Veg-All News

Here's a recipe that needs to stay forgotten in history, they only thing that would make it more regrettable is if it was encased in Jello and molded into something ridiculous.   Let's open a can of veg all which looks like a concoction of kitchen scraps from the local restaurant and we'll serve it on a lettuce leaf with some mayonnaise topped with pimento... Yummy, or not. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Potato Chip Cookies

Now here's an interesting recipe.  I'm not really sure of the history of these but they date back to at least the 40's and probably before.  They originated in the Baltimore area with the original recipe being attributed to Hutzler's Department Store where they were sold at the lunch counter.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Remember Real Money?

I remember a time in my youth when money actually had some value left to it.  When I was hired for my first job my pay rate was $4.25 an hour which was a good starting rate in 1991.  I worked with a bunch of Polish nuns as a gardener at a retirement home and they treated me well, at least better than some of my bosses in later years.  Now I'm making more than double that and finding it hard to make ends meet.  Why?  Because over the last 22 years the value of the dollar has declined sharply.  In addition to this those of us left in the workforce find ourselves being taxed out of existence to support the mendacity of the welfare class, the so called "poor" of the nation who somehow seem to accrue more material goods than I can yet deign to call themselves poor.

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