Thursday, April 9, 2020

U Boat Food Project: The End

     This is I regret to say the end of this project.  With the deepening crisis of COVID-19 and the economic uncertainty that is being created I need to focus on my own affairs and bring my cooking back to having more flexibility.  I also want to preserve what canned goods I have in case things get really bad rather than run though them with this diet.

     It has been an interesting look into history while doing this.  I cannot say I was happy with the food, some things were just weird to my taste but others are going to become a more regular part of my rotation.  One thing I can say is that after doing this 3 weeks I feel the lack of fresh vegetables.  I usually eat alot of salads and I feel the lack of them not being a part of my diet.  So it has been fun while it lasted.  I will write a couple of cleanup articles and share a couple of recipes I found I liked in the next couple of days.  I will still be around and I have some plans to do some vintage recipes again so stay tuned.

Friday, April 3, 2020

U Boat Food Project Days 11 & 12

     This post catches me up to the present day and with it we have a special meal, sauerbraten.  Sauerbraten was used to use up the last of the fresh beef which by this time would have been starting to go sour even under refrigeration.  Vinegar has long been used as means of hiding the flavor of beef that is a bit off and while the Romans were preserving meat in red wine over 2000 years ago, the probable origins of this dish go back to the time of Charlemagne.  It was the meal the sailors on U Boats most looked forward to and it marked the end of the fresh food on the voyage, for after this canned food was relied on for the meals.  I used a Rhineland version of the recipe where the sauce is finished off with some honey, currants and cranberries.

U Boat Food Project: Days 9 & 10

     So I got a little behind these last few days, my apologies, life comes at you fast and I was busy with some personal issues.  I made lunch the last 4 days but I did not follow the menu for dinner because I was clearing up leftovers in the fridge from these rather large lunches and one day I skipped dinner entirely because I wasn't in the mood emotionally.

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