Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ad: Swifts Brookfield Butter

1932 Swifts Brookfield Butter

Yesterday we made some 1920's style skillet cornbread, I thought it would be fun to follow it up with a vintage ad for Swifts Butter.  In my searches I come across Swift ads all the time, they were prolific, but most ads deal with their meat products, especially bacon.  Even today you can go into the food store and find Swifts Premium Bacon.

Butter on the other hand was another story.  I'd never heard of Brookfield Butter, but it's no surprise since my searches on the brand only brought up vintage ads.  Yet another of those old brands lost to history.  I must say I like the package art, the use of clover flowers to frame the print is a clever entendre meant to conjure up the sweet purity of milk from clover fed cows.  I always found that bit of merchandising to be interesting since clover stinks in my opinion.  You ever smell a field of clover in bloom?  It smells like stale sex.  Yet we continue to market the mystique of  clover dairy, clover honey, etc.

Take a close look at this ad and you'll notice something, packaging for butter really hasn't changed much in 70 years.  Wax paper wrapped sticks of butter encased in a waxed cardboard container.  The only thing different is the wax paper on the sticks has measuring cheats nowadays.  Incidentally since this is marketed as "Straight from the churns with all the first fragrance", what exactly is the fragrance of butter?

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  1. I have a collection of vintage commercial recipes developed by Swift & Company Research Laboratories, Bakery Division from the old family bakery in Pa. I'm having to look up some of the ingredients and this was one of them! Almost as elusive as Vreamay which actually still exists.


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