Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FL Citrus Exchange

prepaid credit card for kid
At the time this ad was published, 1912, Florida was still trying to recover from the devastating freezes of 1894-95 and 1899.  The 94 freeze was bad enough but growers were just starting to recover when the devastating freeze of 1899 came.  It led to a precipitous decline in fruits from Florida and paved the way for California to lead the way on fruit production. Naturally when Florida got back on it's feet, it needed a marketing angle to recapture market share.  Hence this ad from the Florida Citrus Exchange.  It purports that Florida fruits are never touched by human hands, all workers wearing white gloves.  Just what I wanted, my fruit being given the white glove treatment.  I'm fairly sure bulging crates weren't the norm either, we wanted oranges not orange juice.

It's Gingervating

Yes little Billy is wound up before bedtime, bouncing off the walls and sliding down the banisters whist mom and dad look on with the same indulgent look I see on some parent's faces today while their kids tear through the place with enough destructive force to make Genghis Khan blush.  So by all means what the boy really needs now is sugary soda to give him even more impetus to go haywire.  Good grief woman give him some chamomile tea instead!

Congoleum Carpet

sanctuary furniture

Evidently Sally is not extravagant, not since it became known that she only paid $16.20 for this superb new Congoleum carpet.  This ad is from 1922 and Congoleum made some very artistic ads from the 20's through the 30's showcasing their linoleum carpets.  The carpets themselves are basically just a large sheet of linoleum with fabulous designs printed on them.  Naturally these carpets were quite popular in the South where a standard wool carpet would have been too warm and too much hassle to clean and maintain.  Linoleum carpets were easy to just sweep and be done with with, occasionally running a mop over them to restore the luster. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

St. Johns River at Riverside Jacksonville
  This was taken three weeks ago when me and my wife went to see an apartment/house in Riverside Jacksonville.  All went well and we did like the house but for whatever reason the owner of the house gave us a hard time and till right now she did not even contact us.  On the other hand the apartment was good and we like it, it was a 2 bedrooms apartment, the only problem is the window is painted shut and it floods over there because its very close to the river. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

More Salads For Dinner and a 1926 Recipe For French Dressing

Since I've been working so much lately and my usual shift has me ending my work at around 6-7pm I'm really not in the mood to go home and cook dinner.  So most days when I'm scheduled like this I'm satisfied to make a salad with some leftover chicken on it or whatever I happen to have on hand.  The prep is easy, I get to try one of the numerous lettuce mixes we sell at work along with some nice heirloom tomatoes and overall the meal is not too heavy to digest before bedtime.  One thing that I needed to do though was lighten up the salad dressings that I used.  We had been in a rut with heavy creamy dressing like ranch or blue cheese, great tasting but too many calories and too bloating before having to go to sleep.

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