Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Google Pagerank Update

I saw that the blogging world is abuzz lately over the next pagerank update from Google.  Personally I never understood the whole pagerank thing or why people fall over themselves trying to force the issue.  I'm rather Zen about the whole thing and that pagerank happens when it happens, you have no influence over it besides building backlinks and using SEO tools such as triangle direct media so why pull your hair out over it?  At any rate here's the breakdown of the expected 2012 Pagerank Updates:

February 2012 - Between Jan 30th and Feb 15th
June 2012 - - - - Between June 30th and July 15th
October 2012  - Between October 30th and November 15th
December 2012 Between December 30th and January 15th 2013

Please keep in mind these dates are all approximate and are compiled through the use of divination, crystal balls and tarot cards since Google never releases this information.  Until then, build your backlinks on quality blogs, sit back, relax and have a drink, everything will fall into place in it's own time.


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