Friday, January 6, 2012

Bald Noggins Nixed

Over the years there have been many wacky contraptions invented to combat hair loss but this one has to take the cake.  I'm not sure if its a salon hair dryer, baldness repairer or the electric chair from Sing-Sing but whatever the case it certainly looks painful.  The ad details it as a vacuum hair restorer so I suppose the scientists that invented it felt we all had playdough for hair and to combat baldness one only had to suck out some more with a contraption that looks like a Flash Gordon Thought Amplifier.  Yeah that's the ticket, while sucking out those new hair follicles you can pretend to be flying to Arboria and a secret mission in your fight against Emperor Ming.

As ridiculous as this newfangled gimcrack is it seems like there's always new hair loss products popping up every day.  Personally I don't suffer from hair loss, well not on a scale that I'm really concerned about anyway, so I have to chuckle when I see some new product on the market guaranteed to give you a head of full thick hair.  That being said however, I can understand the desire to hold back the hands of time and regain some of your lost hair when faced with a receding hair line.  What to buy has always been the issue though as many products on the market are little more than trumped up snake oil, designed to part a fool with his money but rarely living up to the advertising.

That's why when looking for hair loss products it's helpful to have a place to go that will let you compare different products and review their efficacy.  Doing your research will let you make the best choice the first time and avoid costly mistakes lest you be enticed into buying something that finds you at home with the vacuum cleaner attached to your head.  Laugh if you will but we are not beyond such gimmicks even today, and for a real laugh, one only need to recall the "Hair in a Spray Can" that flooded the infomercials not that long ago.


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