Friday, March 9, 2012

Wartime Savings With Kraft Cream Cheese

I like cream cheese from time to time.  I'm old school about it though and prefer it on a bagel in the morning with some thin sliced honey ham and fresh sliced tomatoes.  According to this ad it's smart wartime savings to get the cheese that processed fresh... Well I suppose so but you still had to spend ration points to get it.  Kraft made their name by not selling in bulk like other manufacturers did.  They strategically located their plants near major cities and packaged them there.  That way, in theory, you were supposed to get the freshest product possible.  I'm sure it worked because Kraft dominated the cheese market for decades and is still a powerhouse today.  However, it's not the same product.  Here in Jacksonville we have The Fresh Market and they make their own brand of cream cheese.  In a side by side taste test the TFM cheese won hands down.  The Kraft product as it's made today just tastes more chemical and a bit sour.  The Fresh Market cream cheese was light and sweet and oh so rich.  It's not necessarily organic, just made by a company that cares about their product not profit margins.

The Fresh Market has their cream cheese on sale this month at 2/$6.  I think I might pick some up, break out the springform pan and make a cheesecake.  Nothing fancy like has mind you, just a simple traditional cheesecake.  If I do make one I'll be sure to post the recipe to the blog, don't worry.


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