Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fried Salmon Cakes or Croquettes

This is a recipe that I have had for many years now.  Transcribed from my grandmothers original handwritten card from the early 1930's before it faded into oblivion, it has to be one of the oldest family recipes I own.  These cakes were all the rage during the depression years since canned salmon was relatively inexpensive.  You can still make these inexpensively if you shop around a bit.  The Wal-Mart Supercenter near me had the Double Q brand pink salmon for $2.58/ 1# can.  I highly reccomend the Double Q brand if you can find it because it's made by Peter Pan Seafoods and is a much better quality product.  The can I purchased actually was canned in Dillingham, Ak where I work during the summer.  Although these can be made with canned Red Salmon, I advise against it because the cost it just too high and you're not really gaining anything in using red salmon.  Remoulade is the perfect sauce to accompany this recipe.  It's been a Creole tradition since Napoleonic times and had many variations although I stuck with the traditional Creole one.1  The recipe I used can be found HERE.

Salmon Croquettes

1 - 1lb Can Pink Salmon, drained & flaked
1/4C Grated Onion
1/4 C Chopped Parsley
2 Large Eggs
1C Bread Crumbs
Dash Worcestershire Sauce
1tsp Mustard Powder
Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together and form into 6 patties.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 1 hour at least, before cooking.  Heat enough Crisco in a heavy frying pan over medium heat to make 1/4" deep.  Fry patties until well browned on both sides.

1) Rare Books - "Le Cuisiner Royale" 1817
2) eb5 face cream

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  1. What good memories! My mother used to make these and now that I see your recipe and explanation regarding its origins, I am positive she was continuing a tradition begun by her own mother. They were absolutely delicious. It has to be at least 35 years since I have seen this on my plate. I had completely forgotten. It is grocery fetching day. Perhaps I need to review my list. Thank you!


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