Sunday, March 18, 2012

Aqua Vitae: Water Is Life

Doctors love to keep changing their minds.  First pasta is bad for you because of the sauce, then it's the sauce is god for you and the noodles are bad, etc etc etc. The American heard of barking seals that consumes every bit of drivel from the medical community is all to happy to parrot the belief of the moment as it is was God's writ on the tablets.  Whatever happened to thinking for yourself?  I suppose it went out of fashion along with personal responsibility, lost in the tide of people who want someone else to think for them so they can pursue the travails of Snooki, you know the important stuff.  Which brings me to the subject of water.  For many years now it's been the standard 8 glasses a day and you can achieve miracles, or so says the medical moffs in all their glory.

Yet now I read an article that states you don't have to drink 8 glasses of water a day, it was on yahoo and I should have bookmarked it but I didn't so now it's lost, sorry but it's yahoo so you can take it with a grain of salt anyhow.  The crux of it is this, the article stated you don't have to drink those 8 glasses anymore, just drink 2... or 1.  Dangerous thinking truly.  I never really believed in the who glasses either, depending on the weather the need changes from day to day but you will know when you are dehydrated and should drink water.  The problem is most people don't.  They drink, soda, beer, fruit juice, anything but water and they suffer even further dehydration because of it.  Drink water, your body will thank you and after you rehydrate, then have a soda or a beer or whatever.  Water is essential to life and if you deny your body the water it needs you will live to regret it.

Japanese Water Therapy:

-Get up in the morning and drink 620ml of spring water (a little over 2 cups)
-Wait 1 hour before eating breakfast
-During lunch and dinner drink hot tea, hot coffee, nothing cold.  Cold liquids seize the stomach and prevent proper digestion

There's a whole host of good health benefits from doing this but the one I've noticed after doing this for 3 weeks is I'm no longer constipated.  Within 15 mins of taking that first dose of water I go with no problems.  I've integrated this into the revised Vintage Diet Plan the details of which I will write about next Sunday.

The photo is from Big Spring, Mo. courtesy of Wikicommons.  I was there years ago with some friends hiking with our Gregory Backpacks.

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  1. My mother believed drinking water with a meal inhibited digestion by 'watering down' the stomach juices! Of course, being southern we always had sweet tea, which I guess was fine for the stomach juices.


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