Friday, March 30, 2012

The Baked Bean Spammich

I don't know how of God's green Earth anyone can find this appetizing.  The ad says "Husband home for lunch?... Pamper him like this"  Pamper?  If my wife served this to me, and she's from the Philippines so she's served me some weird stuff, I think I'd just start going out for lunch.  And what is that on the side, a "man-style salad of lettuce, canned peach and cottage cheese."  Oh, thank you for cleaning that up because I could have swore it looked like sliced croquet ball on a bed of vaguely green crepe paper and topped with foaming insulation.  This really deserves to be in the gallery of regrettable food because even the artistic side of it is lacking.  Now don't get me wrong, I like Spam, I don't buy it so often because of the price but it's nice sliced thin and fried crisp with breakfast.  Occasionally I might entertain having a spam sandwich but I'm in no way ready to take the plunge and have spam sushi like in Hawaii. 

So where did Spam come from?  It was the brainchild of Hormel Foods and was introduced in 1937 right on the eve of WWII.  Spam of course had a major impact on WWII as so many cans were shipped overseas or sold on the homefront.1  Spam, while not exactly healthy, is not unhealthy.  Made from Pork, Ham, Potato Starch, Water, Salt, and Sodium Nitrate it's about like any other canned or preserved meat.2  While Spam is enjoyed all over the USA in many different flavors, the state of Hawaii is the largest consumer.

1) SPAM Company History
2) What's in SPAM Classic?


  1. It's actually delicious, you should try it sometime.

    1. I have tried it. I'd have to say it's not bad but not my cup of tea either. Maybe next time I'll do it when I've made a batch of my homemade Boston baked Beans.


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