Friday, February 17, 2012

The Vintage Diet

This is me in all my overweight glory.  The goal of this diet is to lose weight by eating in a vintage style with the premise that the food they ate back then wasn't so bad and allowed the a well balanced diet full of the vitamins needed.  My starting weight is 360 and my first goal is 335 by May15th (When I go to Alaska).  The final goal is 260 by next February, a steady pace of about 2 pounds of loss per week.  Calorie Goals are 2,000 per day although sometimes going over for special occasions is no big deal.  The tenets of the diet are as follows:

- No processed food, Everything is made from scratch.  In addition, eating at restaurants is kept to a bare minimum and all fast food is eliminated.

- Organic ingredients where needed.  I'm not as fussed about organic lettuce as I am organic beef, chicken and dairy.  It's the modern day equivalent to what they would have had back then, available in any grocer.

- The diet is varied and because I will be following vintage recipes it will be flavorful as well.  Portion control will be strict, with proper serving sizes observed.  People at alot less back in the old days.

- 2,000 calories on a normal day to 2,500 for holidays and special occasions.

- Sweets are kept to a place that vintage people would have, dessert is for weekends, cakes are limited to special occasions and birthdays.  No other candy is allowed except on rare occasions.

-  There is no specific exercise routine in the diet except 2 miles of walking per day to simulate commuting by streetcar as people would have done back then.

- Weigh ins will be done every Friday and posted to the blog.  Daily progress reports and meal descriptions will be posted to our Facebook Page and Twitter Accounts.

Wish me luck!  And if you decide to follow along with me I wish you the best of luck as well, never give up on dieting for your health!


  1. All the best to you. I know you can do it. What you're embarking on is a healthy lifestyle and not a diet... And that is what losing weight and keeping it off it's all about. You deserve to be healthy !

  2. I agree- this is a lifestyle! I wish you well!

  3. What a wonderful idea! I have dozens of old vintage recipe and cookbooks ...I would be glad to share on here!

    Tillie Policastro


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