Thursday, February 16, 2012

Organic and Vintage Is Cost Effective

If you think that buying organic is too expensive then you need to rethink your position.  I've heard this argument and I admit, I've made it myself but it wasn't until I started looking into vintage foods and cooking that I started thinking about the true cost.  In the picture above you see my dinner last night.  A piece of Publix Greenwise Porterhouse done medium rare on the grill with steamed asparagus and caprese salad.  Herein lies the most important part of the vintage diet plan, smaller portions.  People ate within serving guidelines back in the day, they just varied what they ate so the taste was more rewarding.  Despite current beliefs, they were not steak and potato fanatics as we would be led to believe.  Vegetables were a part of the meal and everything was fairly well balanced.  It's the gross overcomsumption of today that has led us to think that a 12oz steak is a "serving".  Sorry, a serving size of just about any meat is 5-6oz, this holds true to beef, chicken and fish.  SO with that mind we are able to go from buying 3 common steaks at $7.99/lb on sale to 1 organic steak at $9.99/lb on sale, and effective savings of $13.98!  Lets break the meal down and see what we have:

Publix Greenwise Porterhouse      $9.99
Tomatoes on Vine                       $1.49
Fresh Mozzarella                        $5.00
Organic Basil                              $1.00
Fresh Asparagus                         $2.98
Thin sliced ham for garnish           $  .30
1 Sweet Onion                            $  .33
Total                                         $21.09

Divded by 3 plates (persons)       $7.03 Each

I seriously doubt there's any restaurant you can go to today that will give you all this for $7.  And the taste?  Incrediable!  This steak was a world of difference from when we bought standard porterhouse a week ago.  The commerical stuff was almost inedible, tough, full of gristle and lacking in any real flavour.  The greenwise steaks had the flavor of a good restaurant steak, very tender and just bursting with meaty goodness.  The best part is that none of us overate last night, we were full and sated without being overfull.


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