Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Vintage Diet: Prequel

I'm still putting the final touches on the vintage recipe diet, but I'd like to take a moment today and explain my reasoning behind it.  Through the years I've been on just about every diet known to man in order to lose weight.  It all works for a time and then something happens, your body adjusts, you get tired of the unrelenting exercise, or you get tired of the tasteless food.  All these contribute to failure every time, usually with a weight gain to a level higher than before you started.  This so called yo-yo dieting is a viscous cycle that never ends.  So I gave up on dieting and ate what I wanted and soon I returned to creeping obesity.  Something had to be done to reverse this. 

I've always been a student of history, but in my case I prefer to study the day to day life of the average person.  Having grown up around grandparents who lived through the 20's and 30's I became intimate with what life was like back then and better yet, I inherited some of their prized recipes.  Now the first thing you have to dispel from your mind is "fats are bad".  We've been sold this load of dung by the health nazis so they can force low fat cardboard tasting food on us.   "Don't eat the steak! It's high in saturated fat!!!  Drink this wheatgrass smoothie instead!"  Honestly if you want to drink blenderized cow food in the name of health be my guest, but don't do it around me.  I got to thinking, If fat in the diet is really the problem then we should be thin and healthy since we don't have as much fat in the food supply anymore... but we're not.  Instead we have an obesity epidemic the likes of which the world has never seen.  So the pendulum swung in the other direction until we had the Atkins diet.  All protein and fat because carbs are the problem.  People were still fat, it didn't work.  Now I'm left with alot of research and I started with our grandparents.  According the food nazis people in the 20's and 30's ate an extremely unhealthy diet but if that was the case why were they thinner and healthier than we are now?  The truth is, we've been sold a bill of goods by everyone from the government on down to the food producers.

I've outlined it before, but I'll repeat, our food supply is compromised by corporations who don't care about your health they only care about your dollars.  You can eat a diet using vintage recipes but you still won't lose weight because the food (ingredients) have fundamentally changed since the 20's!  Food is no longer produced on small farms outside of towns, it's factory farmed in foreign countries or the USA.  Cattle and chickens are kept in pens so small it's inhumane and force fed an unnatural diet of corn, antibiotics and growth hormones.  Commercial feeds in the USA are from Genetically Modified Organisims (GMO's) whose health risks have not been fully evaluated.  All this combines to the point that not only is our food a nutritional shadow of it's former self, it's laced with ingredients that are poisons in our body leading to diabetes, immune disorders and cancer.  If we truly want to go back to a vintage diet then a fundamental change in how we shop is going to be needed, On Friday I will conclude this series with the fundamentals of the diet itself.


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