Wednesday, March 25, 2020

U Boat Food Project Day 3

     Day 3 of the U Boat Menu brings us with a couple of very nice meals, especially supper which is a specialty of the city of Hamburg and also a favorite treat of mine.  My Polish grandmother was fond of making the Polish version of herring salad with lots of sour cream and so I acquired a taste for it as a teenager.  My girlfriend was not impressed and although she is quite adventurous with food she gave the herring salad a hard pass.  Not to worry, I cooked her the other steak from lunch with the potato and broccoli and she was appeased.

Breakfast: toasted bread, butter and jam with a fried egg.  The original menu has with breakfast " an egg on demand" which was probably only open to officers and chief petty officers.

Lunch: steak, boiled potato, steamed broccoli and canned fruit

Supper: herring salad, fresh sausage, bread, butter, tea & sugar


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