Tuesday, March 24, 2020

U Boat Food Project: Day 2

     In day 2 of following the u boat menu plan we continue with mostly fresh food rations.  Fresh food, especially meat, was available for the 1st week and a half or so and then it was on to the tinned stuff.  It will be interesting when I make that transition although it's still a long way off.  I grew up eating canned meats and such thanks to spending so much time with my depression era grandparents so I have a fondness for canned ham and tinned fish but it's a rare day I've been in a position where I have to eat it every day, the exception being hurricane season and power outages.

Breakfast: preserved biscuit with butter and honey, tea & sugar

Lunch: fried cabbage & onion, blood sausage and mashed potatoes

Supper: ham & cheese sandwiches with butter toasted open face, tea & sugar


  1. Day 2 looks tasty! I'll be watching with interest how the project goes as I've always had an interest in the kriegsmarine U Boat arm during WW2. Thanks for posting and keeping it authentic

    1. It's taken me a year of research to be able to finally do this project. I'm trying to keep ingredients as authentic as possible, but it can be tricky in the modern era as we don't shove as much foodstuffs into cans as we used to and COVID-19 is playing hell with supply chains, but I will do my best to keep it authentic, Thanks!


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