Saturday, December 6, 2014

Gift Baskets Galore

Man they don't do gift baskets like they used to.  In this 1947 ad/order sheet, we can get the mother of all fruit baskets, a crate of goodies really, weighing 90lbs!  Holy goobers that's alot of fruit!  I guess they could afford to be generous back then because labor and fruit were cheap.  Even the simple fruit basket, weighing in at a measly 27lbs, only costs $6.  I can't even go to the store and buy 2lbs of fruit for $6 let alone a fruit basket today.  Such is the march of inflation though.  It's a sad fact of my life that when pouring over all the vintage ads that I do in search of something for the blog, I often run across ones with prices.  Ridiculously low prices compared to today, inflation is the culprit, slowly eating away at our wages and our fortunes.


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