Monday, December 29, 2014

1919 Grape Nuts, Making Girls Round and Rosy

Little girls don't want to be round and rosy today.  They'd rather be thin like the girls that grace the pages of magazines but that is an impossible kind of beauty to achieve since it's all done with computers today.  This ad is from 1919 when the world was well... certainly more innocent than it is today but having just gone through The Great War it certainly had lost the idyllic innocence of the pre war years.  100 years ago this year World War I started, the first but certainly not the last war to be started by an act of terrorism.
Some of you may recognize the shopkeeper in this ad as being the avatar for this blog's Facebook page.  I chose him because I am a modern day shopkeeper of sorts working as Coffee/Candy Specialist for The Fresh Market.  I find his cuffs interesting as they are actually leather overcuffs that protect your shirt and wrists from lifting heavy wooden crates and also keep the dirt off of your shirt cuffs. 

Grapenuts have been around since 1897 the brainchild of C.W. Post.  During WWII they were included in the US Jungle Ration.  Despite their name they are actually a combination of wheat and barley and contain no grapes nor nuts.  it's thought that the name derived from the fact that the cereal looks like grape seeds (or nuts to use archaic English).  Amazingly, grape nuts pass the test as they contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.


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