Friday, December 5, 2014

Coffeematic Makes Me Ecstatic

Yes, all brides swoon at the gift of a Coffeematic percolator.  Well I would swoon at least, this thing is an Art Deco dream.  Now here's the truly amazing thing, I just saw one on Ebay the exact same model and it was priced at $25, pretty much the same as what it sold for in 1948 when this ad was made.

I talked shortly on my Facebook page about how I ditched the old drip coffeemaker in favor of a stovetop percolator.  It's nothing special, one of the Texsport models I picked up at WalMart but oh nellie!  Does it make a smooth cup of coffee!  I'm in love with percolated coffee now and I've met a few customers at work who are the same.  One lady even collects old electric models.  I tried to get her to sell me one but no luck, drat.

I'll be hunting Ebay in the meantime to find an electric model percolator, definitely vintage, so I can make coffee in the morning without having to babysit the pot like I have to do with the stovetop one.  Incidentally, Universal appliances was eventually taken over by GE and survived as a GE label well into the 1990's.

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