Saturday, December 13, 2014

1931 Shredded Wheat Ad

I've been following the recommendations of this ad recently on the cold mornings here in North Florida.  If you don't think Florida can get cold then you've never been here in the winter.  I find that if you heat the biscuits in an oven set at 350° (I use my toaster oven) for about 8-10 mins they stay crisper in the hot milk.  It's an easy dish, just set the biscuits in the oven and get your milk warming in a pot on the stove.  The biscuits are done at the same time as the milk starts to steam and you're good to go.  I can't recall ever having tasted the large "original size" biscuits as we more often bought the mini-wheats but I took an immediate liking to the taste.  I like cereal in the morning and I like to stick with the old style cereals, Corn Flakes, Grape Nuts and of course Shredded Wheat.

Shredded Wheat has been around since the late 1800's and was originally sold in vegetarian restaurants.  The general public would have to wait until the Colombian Exposition in 1893 for shredded wheat to be mass marketed.  The company was bought by the National Biscuit Co. (Nabisco) in 1928 and eventually sold to Kraft who makes to this day.  It's interesting that the ingredients are still the same to this day, whole wheat and nothing else.  So enjoy a bowl of shredded wheat with hot milk for breakfast, I like to add a little sugar to mine, maybe you do too?

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  1. My mom used to give me shredded wheat with warm milk! Catherine


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