Friday, December 28, 2012

The Vintage Diet, An Update

Many moons ago I sat down and dreamed up The Vintage Diet, a way to get back to basics with our eating and perhaps even lose a little weight in the process.  I wrote about it in 2 posts ("Why Am I Fat" & "The Vintage Diet: A Prequel") but then I never wrote about it again.  In truth, I did about 3 months of research on myself and my family with recipes and even posted menu plans every week on the Blog's Facebook Page but then I had to give it up and go to Alaska to work.  So what really happened during those 3 months that I was more or less following vintage recipes and trying to coalesce my ideas into what would become the Vintage Diet?  Well I started off at 360lbs and in 3 months lost weight to about 348lbs.  Alaska was my undoing though as the food was the worst I have ever experienced in my 5 years of working up there and I was backed into a corner, eat junk food or starve.  I ate junk food and with the unpalatable result of bouncing back to 360lbs by the end of the season.

But a funny thing happened after I got home.  Usually I balloon up in weight  because of the reduction in activity and general overeating because I'm happy to get back to the land of real food.  This time however I went more or less back to the Vintage Diet and my weight held the same as before, 360.  There wasn't much I could do to expand on the diet as I was busy with, well life.  Then I got a full time job at a grocery store in the produce department and everything changed.

The place I work at is not a natural foods store but they are upscale so they carry much in the way of organic produce and items.  With my discount it knocks the price down to comparable levels with conventional produce and I was able to experiment with organic food or what our grandparents would have just called food.  It's funny how all these years the food supply has become increasingly compromised to the point that we have to buy organic just to get the food our grandparents would have had but I digress.

I was able to pick up on the Vintage Diet again maybe 75% of the time and began to lose weight.  Keep in mind I do anywhere from 10,000 to 18,000 steps per day at work so that is significant contribution to my weight loss but it's not like I have to go to the gym and kill myself 3 times a week just to lose weight, and lose weight I have.  In 3 months I am down to 328 from 360 a loss of 32lbs.  I am hitting some resistance at the 328 mark but I have faith that in time I will break through to continue losing weight.  I recently acquired some vintage cookbooks that really give me insight into how people at back in the vintage era and will perhaps allow me to put the final touches on the Vintage Diet.


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