Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Your Author, BrSpiritus

Today we were supposed to have a recipe featuring cornbread but the idea went down the commode when I opened the bag of cornmeal and found meal worms.  Ugh! Why do I have the worst luck buying cornmeal?  It was this way in the Philippines also but at least there I could halfway understand since cornmeal wasn't in high demand and God only knows how long it was sitting on the shelf.  This is the South though, the Confederacy, and I still get wormy cornmeal?  What gives?

So instead of the recipe you're going to get an article about me.  Feel free to exit if bio's aren't your thing but I figured maybe you'd like to know a little about the man behind the computer.  Let's start off with my background.  I've worked in the professional food service industry, but my real background is retail.  For quite a few years I was manager of a kitchen store called "Gadgets and More by Kitchen Collection.  Eventually I ended up as manager for a liquor store owned by a nice old Korean lady in 2006 when the bottom dropped out on my life.  My mother, having fought for years the ravages of Lupus, finally succumbed in August 2006.
Rosalie "Patches" Paczkowski 1950-2006
I was devastated and at a loss with what to do with my life until a met a friend (at the time anyway) who started steering me towards the Philippines.  He did it for selfish reasons, i.e. a trip the Philippines, but be that as it may it allowed me to meet my future wife on Myspace.  We met November 14th, 2006 and met in person the first time when I went to visit her in Davao, January 2007.  I proposed February 14th (I know, how sappy valentines day) and promptly came down with Dengue Fever.  After a week being sicker than I've ever been in my life and 2 weeks in the hospital I came out 50 pounds lighter and none the worse for wear.  We were married on July 10th, 2007 in a grand ceremony and started our life together.
Venice and I, July 2007

In 2008 I started working for Peter Pan Seafoods in Dillingham, Alaska during the summer salmon season.  I started off as 2nd Night Watchman and worked my way up to Head of Security this year.  Unfortunately after a couple of years of living a dual life, half in the USA and half in the Philippines I grew sick of the incessant travel and wanted to move back to the USA.

I filed for a Visa for my wife in April and we have just received the approval from the National Visa Center.  Now it is time to wait for an interview date and finally I can be reunited with the woman I love.  From all this you have to know I am passionate about Family, Cooking and living the path of God.  I am trying to eliminate all processed foods from my diet hence the "do it yourself" attitude of my cooking.  Why Vintage Recipes?  Because I want to know what my grandparents did to live so long.  Obviously the "Food Nazis" who would have us believe their diet of high fat, meats, etc. is unhealthy, don't know as much as they think they do.  And so I put to task in my everyday life a lesson I learned long ago; Everything in moderation.


  1. Great to learn about you! I hope you get to reunite with your wife soon - that has to be really tough! And I agree totally with you about learning to eat how our grandparents did. They lived far longer than folks seem to these days. Some of my favorite youtube videos are of Clara cooking depression-era style =). I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    Visiting from the Alexa Drop Hop!

    Spilled Milkshake


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