Sunday, November 30, 2014

Polar Office Chair

1917 Polar Office Supply

I really want an old office chair like this.  I've seen them come across the local Craigslist from time to time but never in good condition.  I suppose ergonomics has come a long way since 1917.  The surprising thing is that these chairs are really comfortable, besides being built like a tank.  No they don't have the pneumatic bells and whistles that modern office chairs do but who needs all that?  The best part is you have to screw the whole chair down to adjust the height.  Really deflates the wind out of the stupid jerk that likes to lower all the office chairs to the floor.


  1. And only $1.50 each, too! What a bargain! haha

    1. Oh yeah, I'll take one for $1.50, heck I'll take 6 and make them my dining chairs


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