Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pickled Eggs and Beets

I love making pickled eggs for Easter and Christmas, their red color is reminiscent of the red dyed eggs used at Easter in Ukrainian traditions.  They are extremely easy to make just requiring a few days to sit in the brine and get well flavored.

I have tried to trace the history of adding beets to pickled eggs but I have been stumped every step of the way.  Here in the USA we tend to call them "Amish Style" pickled eggs however variations of the same recipe exist in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Low Countries.  Pickling eggs in a vinegar brine has been around forever and I think the beet variation isn't that much younger.  This recipe is good for 14 eggs.  You'll need 2 quart size mason jars along with lids and rings.  Keep them in the refrigerator after they cool.

Note: This was a recipe I had posted about before Easter but I tried them again except omitting the shortcuts such as using canned beets.  The end result was far beyond my expectations and made me embarrassed that I had ever put the original recipe on this blog.  Here is the modified recipe using fresh ingredients.

Beet Pickled Eggs

14 Large Eggs, Hard Boiled and shelled
4 Medium (golf ball) Size Beets, ends trimmed, boiled, peeled and sliced
A few thin slices of red onion
2C Reserved Beet Water
1C Cider Vinegar
1tsp Kosher Salt
1/2C Organic Sugar
Allspice Berries
Whole Peppercorns
Whole Cloves
Dried Bay Leaves
Cinnamon Sticks

Trim beets and boil in pot until fork tender.  Remove from pan, reserving 2C liquid and allow to cool, then slip off skins.  Wash and sterilize your mason jars with boiling water.  Place lids and rings into simmering pot of hot water.  In each jar place: 1 bay leaf, 4 allspice berries, 7 peppercorns, 3 cloves and 1 piece of cinnamon stick then layer eggs then beets and some onion, repeat until jars are full.  7 eggs fit comfortably in each jar.  In pot combine reserved beet water, sugar, salt and vinegar.  Heat until boiling stirring occasionally, boil 1 minute then fill jars half full with pickling solution.  Tap jars lightly on counter to settle then fill to 1/2" of top.  Seal each jar with lids and screw rings finger tight.  Let jars cool on counter before placing in refrigerator.  They should ping indicating they have taken a seal.  Allow to sit 3 days before eating.

PS: While I have always loved pickled beet eggs, I have hated pickled beets... Until now.  The pickled beets that you get along with the eggs are out of this world and I suspect this same recipe could be used to just make jars of pickled beets.  I'll have to investigate it and write about it later. 


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