Sunday, November 16, 2014

Guide To Good Nutrition (1942)

Since the dawn of the 1900's the Government has been subjecting us to "guides to good nutrition" highlighting what what we should be eating in our daily meals.  It's interesting how health modes have changed so much since the 1940's to today.  When I first grabbed this ad it was the meat at the top that caught my eye.  Wonderfully marbled meat with a nice bit of fat to give the meat flavor and to make the consumer full.  Yes, you didn't need to eat as much meat back in the old days because the meat was more filling owing to the fat content.

If you take a gander at the the actual serving suggestions it all seems rather reasonable, actually less so because this ad came out in 1942 probably on the cusp of rationing that was instituted during the first year of the war.  The meat council suggests one serving of meat daily (keep in mind a serving size is 6oz of any meat or fish), green leafy or yellow vegetables one big helping or more a day, milk (most likely raw) one pint a day with more for children, oranges tomatoes or grapefruit one of these a day, with the rest of the day filled in with apples, potatoes, bananas and the like along with bread or pasta and this I like the best,  "fats, sweets and seasonings as you like them".  Where were the fat nazis when this ad was made?

This ad goes some way towards verifying what I have been thinking all along with the "Vintage Diet" in that fats do not make us fat and neither does wheat.  Processed foods make us fat through the extreme damage to our intestines and liver that their consumption brings.  Also we have to look at how our food supply has been compromised through large scale usage of chemicals in agriculture, chemicals that ultimately end up in our bodies a wreak havoc on digestion and bodily functions.  Now what I am suggesting is not revolutionary, indeed everyone else is saying it right now... grow your own food.  It's the only way to be sure of what you're getting because even organic foods, if imported, are suspect and usually have some sort of cross contamination of chemicals.


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