Saturday, September 1, 2012

Refreshing Welch's Grape Juice

Ah 1924, unless you went to a speakeasy you couldn't get beer and wine anymore so what was the younger generation to do for fun?  Drink Welch's grape juice of course!  The savvy hostess, in serving Welch's was "sharing one of Mother Nature's oldest secrets of hospitality."  Funny, I figured that secret was the product derived after the fermentation of grape juice.  Oh well, it was the Prohibition era and advertisers had to be politically correct, even back then.

According to the bottle, Welch's back then was pure and undiluted made from Concord Grapes.  Today it's still made from the same grapes but from concentrate.  I think the company is still trying to live down the bad PR from when it was found their products were tainted with pesticides and arsenic.  It's just another example of a company fallen from grace by the lure of more profit.  Interestingly enough, Welch's is owned by the National Grape Cooperative Association and has avoided being swallowed up by the "Big 10" corporations that seem to own 90% of the brands sold in the USA.  This doesn't mean I want to drink it anymore though, the amount of sugars in their fruit juices are very off putting and if consumed in quantity contribute to weight gain.

There are better options out there for fruit juices, especially ones that are organically grown.  One only has to delve a little deeper on the supermarket shelves to find them.


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