Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Captain Obvious Ad Company

Apparently beans are only baked if the label says "baked" on it.  Who knew?  All this time I was shelling out the lettuce to buy cans of garbanzo beans and they're not baked, only canned.  This ad was clearly brought to you by the Captain Obvious Ad Co since I think an old yokel would be able to tell the difference between canned beans and baked beans... but one never knows.  People must have been lining around the corner to  thank Heinz for saving us from those nasty unbaked boiled beans in a can that everyone else was selling.  Apparently baking made all the difference in the final product as it was more "digestible".

There's a word that almost puts me off the whole vintage recipe thing... Digestible.  I suppose I am to infer from this that so much food back in the vintage era was indigestible as being digestible was such a selling point for so many products (Spry, Crisco and Heinz).  They say a picture is worth a thousand words but the one on this ad says one... YUCK!  I'm not quite sure if this is a tureen of baked beans or jelly beans because they appear to have been shellacked to a high gloss.  Perhaps this picture was a candid shot because several of the beans have decided to go take a smoke break whilst the art dept fixes the pseudo butter vaguely bacon like squares arraigned on top of the beans.

Well at least Heinz baked beans came in 3 yummy(?) flavors, Tomato sauce with and w/o pork and boston style.  Today we are most familiar with the boston baked beans as I haven't seen a can of tomato sauce baked beans since I lived in the Philippines.


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