Sunday, September 9, 2012

Belated Birthday Post

Yesterday evening I posted to the blog's Facebook Page that it was the one year anniversary of the Vintage Recipe Blog.  Honestly I've been so busy with "life" lately that I almost forgot about it.  I never cease to be amazed at how far we have some in just one year.  I've been able to post 225 articles that received 238 comments and had 48,000+ pageviews.  This is just the beginning though.  I plan on a re design of the blog in the next week or so (hopefully) and I'm going to expand out the subject matter that I deal with.  Of course I'll still post about the vintage ads and recipes but I want to go more in depth into what it is truly like to live "vintage".  It's gone from an interest to a hobby to almost an experiment.

The experiment part is what intrigues me most.  I had fun following a blog called "365 Days of A" where the guy did an experiment to see if an old Ford Model A car could be used as an everyday driver today.  His ups and downs were entertaining to follow and at the end of the experiment he did indeed prove that the old Model A's could stand up to modern driving conditions.  I've been interested in taking it a step further.  Maybe some of you remember the PBS mini Series "1900 House", well I could do it as an experiment on 1932-33 living, wearing the clothes they would have worn, eating (generally) the food they would have eaten and giving up on modern fripperies like the television.  Of course I have to stay with the internet, but only for the purposes of writing articles for the blog and doing research.  I'm just in the formative stages of such an endeavor, I'd like to hear from you, your thoughts on the matter.  Someone has started calling me "Mr. Vintage" on the Facebook page and I think with this experiment I could truly earn the title.

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  1. Sounds cool mahal, goodluck and happy first year anniversary Mr. Vintage :)


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