Friday, June 29, 2012

Kraft, Good "eatin' cheeses"

I'm not really sure why this ad has eatin' cheeses in parenthesis but usually that's the mark of a word that doesn't really mean what you think it does.  If I say cheese I'm talking of fermented milk that's cooked and makes lovely assortment of dairy products.  If I say "cheese" I might be talking about cheez whiz, 10% cheese, 90% whiz, i.e. a product that contains the name cheese but is anything but the real deal.  So when Kraft describes their cheeses as good "eatin' cheeses" I can only assume they are poking fun at the fact that they sell cheese like substance.  Well now, I think for the purposes of this ad that what Kraft used to produce and/or import was actually real cheese.

They actually had some interesting ones like Casino brand Swiss and French Camembert. This along with the usual American cheese, what they call American Cheddar, and blue cheese gave them quite a product line of cheeses.  Somewhere along the way though, Kraft gave up on the imported stuff and concentrated on the American cheese.  They still own the trademark to Casino brand cheese, they just don't manufacture it anymore.  Now, I haven't purchased Kraft cheese in ages, I refuse to buy such tasteless cheese preferring to get Kerrygold or Amish cheese with some real flavor and as for the typical American cheese, Boar's Head has all of them beat hands down.


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