Monday, June 11, 2012

Kraft Cheese and Breasts

"Did you know it takes more than a gallon of rich milk to make 1lb of Kraft Cheese?"  It's interesting that she should say that while next to a dish that looks like a boob.  As a matter of fact the theme of this ad seems to have been breasts, perhaps a subliminal message to people reading the ad that only pure fresh milk goes into Kraft cheese.  Well that's the way it used to be anyway.  I'm not really sure what goes into kraft cheese today, but it only tastes like cheese like substance so it's probably nothing good.  The real fact is that cheese like this is quite different from Velveeta or Cheese slices that appear on store shelves today. It's a taste that most people have forgotten about, that of true American Cheese.

Courtesy of Boar's Head Inc.
Fortunately, we can still find real American Cheese with that great taste you remember from when you were younger.  I discovered Boar's Head Brand American Cheese when I first came down to Jacksonville.  It's available everywhere although you may have to do a little digging to find it in your area.  I bought some on a lark because I was tired of swiss cheese and boy was I surprised when I tried it... it actually tastes like cheese!  It just goes to show that you can find real, good food even now in this era of mass produced garbage that's peddled as real food by marketeers.


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