Friday, November 11, 2011

Pick a Peck of Pick's Soda

It struck me the other day that I keep posting alcohol ads on Fridays but for a rather large chunk of the time period I cover on my blog (1900-1950), there was Prohibition.  The Volstead Act became law on Jan 1st 1920 and lasted until 1932 when it was repealed.  It is a lesson to the American people on just what happens when you try to legislate morality, or push your person view on what is "healthy" on the rest of the people.  Banning the sale of alcohol was heralded as the saving of our age, no more would drunkenness be a societal problem.  But as always happens with anything banned, people naturally seek it out for the thrill of "breaking the law".  Drunkenness actually increased by as much as tenfold over what it was pre-prohibition.  This also gave rise to the Gangster era, on punctuated with soaring crime and horrible murders. 

It seems we never learn from history though.  Prohibition still exists, it's just with drugs now as opposed to alcohol.  If health nazi nutjobs have their way it'll extend into tobacco as well.  Where is the freedom in this action?  If you hate smoking, I understand that.  I will endeavor not to smoke in your presence, however I ask that you please do not lobby for even more jaws injurious to the sale of tobacco.  Whether you think it's healthy or not, what gives you the right to take away my personal freedom to choose what I wish to do with my own body?  The same thing can be applied to the food nazis, always going on about low fat diets.  I've done that, for some years now and never lost weight.  Now I'm backpedaling in the other direction and eating higher fat in my diet... and losing weight.  GASP! 

Say it isn't so?  You mean medical "science" is actually wrong about what makes us fat.  Yeah pretty much.  Now all alone I am by no means a scientific study, I only know this works for me and I'm not being obscene about the amount of fat in my diet.  I'll have to get more in depth about this since I finally cemented a real diet plan after experimentation for the past month.  About the ad... it's for Pick's Soda Parlor equipment.  Soda parlors became all the rage in the 20's as a place to go out in the evening and since most were speakeasy's as well you could get a drink of illicit alcohol.


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