Monday, November 28, 2011

Log Cabin Saves a Marriage!

Lan sake?  Were they still using such archaic expressions in the late '30's?  Evidently his daddy was addicted to pancakes too.  Perhaps it was Ernest McGroucher from this earlier Pillsbury Ad.  Yes the mania of pancake madness runs in families but here we see how pancakes are just a gateway drug to some thing more sinister, more insidious... Syrup.  Yes, this Aunt Jenny Lookalike (or perhaps it is Aunt Jenny of Spry fame) is here pushing Log Cabin Syrup on unsuspecting family members.  It's all a pyramid scheme you know.  Get people hooked then they buy from you and get others hooked, quite a lucrative business model.

At the time this ad came out, Log Cabin was made from a mix of Vermont and Canadian Maple Syrup and cut with Cane (sugar) Syrup to make it more affordable.  One can only guess the ratios today, but my guess is somewhere along the lines of 55,000 Gallons High Fructose Corn Syrup and 4 drops maple syrup just so they can claim its in there... even if you're only getting an atom's worth when you use it.  Actually, to be fair, the HFCS was replaced with cane syrup around 2009 in response to the public outcry against HFCS.  Still... it contains stuff that I don't think they had back in 1938 (Sodium Hexametaphosphate anyone?).

It seems that cartoon type ads such as this enjoyed a run of popularity from the mid 30's to the late 50's.  Perhaps advertisers were looking for children to be caught up in the ads because the quandry and solution presented were always ridiculously simple for adults.  Exhibit A we have the daughter in law going to her mother in law and crying that little hubby says her pancakes suck.  Mom suggests changing syrups and voila! we have a winner!  Women's Lib did alot to change such perceptions as nowadays if a husband were to complain about his wife's pancakes, a projectile frying pan as sure to be aimed at his head.  An just look at the size of the butter pat on that bottom picture!  It must be 1 Tablespoon of butter and as the instructions say put butter between each pancake!  The food NAZI's must be apoplectic with rage right now over the use of so much butter.


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