Friday, April 3, 2020

U Boat Food Project Days 11 & 12

     This post catches me up to the present day and with it we have a special meal, sauerbraten.  Sauerbraten was used to use up the last of the fresh beef which by this time would have been starting to go sour even under refrigeration.  Vinegar has long been used as means of hiding the flavor of beef that is a bit off and while the Romans were preserving meat in red wine over 2000 years ago, the probable origins of this dish go back to the time of Charlemagne.  It was the meal the sailors on U Boats most looked forward to and it marked the end of the fresh food on the voyage, for after this canned food was relied on for the meals.  I used a Rhineland version of the recipe where the sauce is finished off with some honey, currants and cranberries.

Day 11
Breakfast: bread, butter, jam, one egg and tea

Lunch: pork roast, fried potatoes, broccoli and fruit

Supper: salami, camembert, one pickle, bread, lard, coffee

Day 12
Breakfast: toast, butter, coffee

Lunch: sauerbraten, red cabbage and potato dumplings

Supper: lunch leftovers


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