Saturday, June 8, 2013

Penn Maryland Whiskey

It's kind of a whiskey night tonight well... just because.  I suppose it's because I want to celebrate my promotion at work to Asst. Department Manager but not an over the top celebration.  One whiskey I won't be drinking is the one in the ad above.  Penn Maryland whiskey was one of over 20 different rye whiskeys distilled in Baltimore, Maryland before prohibition.  After prohibition the brand returned but was snatched up by National Brands and disappeared altogether sometime in the 1960's when the taste for rye whiskey was being replaced with bourbon and the vodka crowd.

For many years finding a straight rye whiskey made in the US was nigh on impossible and even a good blended whiskey was oft times the purvue of the Canadian distillers.  This is no longer the case though as we have several distillers making straight rye whiskey and blended rye and bourbon.  Indeed one of my favorites is Bulliet Bourbon, a blend of rye and bourbon whiskey in the "frontier fashion" that I would bet is close in taste (or most likely exceeds) the Penn Maryland in the ad above.  So I raise my glass to you, rye whiskey, may you stay around for long while and make our libations tastier and our celebrations memorable.


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