Thursday, May 16, 2013

Working In Alaska

I made the decision this year to stop working in Alaska.  This comes as a result of much thinking on my part because it is quite a bit of money to be saying goodbye to but I have come to the realization that my time up there is over.  Thanks to the US Government's change in visa policy the former J-1 College Students from foreign countries that made up the bulk of our workforce are now gone and they have been replaced by US college students.  I saw the beginnings of this last year and knew it was heading for disaster with more fights, more drunken boobery and just a basketful of problems for me as night watchman to deal with.  No thank you.  I'd rather be an OFW in Kuwait or some other Muslim country, at least I'd know what I was in for.

Speaking of Kuwait, back when I lived in the Philippines I was still working in Alaska.  Twice a year I would have to fly to the US and then back to the Philippines.  It was fun at first and I loved getting flights on various airlines so I could at least say I set foot in various countries even if just for a layover.  One time I was even looking at a kuwait airways booking but that would have involved a rather long trek to the east as opposed to the (sort of) shorter trip to the west when going back to the Philippines. 

In the end I wound up going with Cathay Pacific and transiting through Vancouver and Hong Kong.  As for Alaska... well I thank you for the years of work up there it was fun and I had dreamed of going to Alaska since I was in High School but I have a new job now that I just got promoted in and maybe finally I can have hope for a career.


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