Monday, May 7, 2012

Is He Still the Man You Married?

No it's not an ad for marriage counseling... or maybe it is and Post Bran is trying to tell you it can save your marriage through fiber.  This ad borders on the ridiculous as the text wants to blame all the things that happen when you get older on a lack of fiber.  Maybe they were right, even in the 1800's the spa culture thought that most ailments could be cured with a good dose of the salts and an enema.  The popularity of going to spa resorts didn't wane until after WWII.  I digress, we're talking bran here.  I agree, you certainly feel better when you go on the regular, but it seems to me we have taken this thing full circle again back to the old spa mentality.  Instead now we sell people overpriced and utterly useless "Colon Cleansing Diets".  If it's that much of a problem to eat a balanced diet then buy some Benefiber, it's alot cheaper and just as effective.

Post Bran of course is still around although it's not as easy to find anymore having been displaced by the plethora oat and fruit type granola cereals.  They're good but sometimes I just like a bowl of bran.  This also has the first disclaimer I've ever seen on an ad:

"Cases of recurrent constipation, due to insufficient bulk in the diet should yield to Post's Bran Flakes.  If your case is abnormal, consult a competent physician at once and follow his advice."
 On a final note, you just have to love the black tie attire... why did we ever stop dressing like this?

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