Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Jolly Moonlight Dance of the Sandwiches

I didn't get home until about 11 last night then ate a rather tasteless dinner of a Publix Turkey Sub.  Take it from me, spend the extra money and get the Boars Head Sub from Publix it's a much better product for picnic baskets.  So the combination of being up late and eating late took it's toll on me.  You know, when you start getting weird dreams of I dunno, flying cats, talking tomatoes and Deli Meats doing their jolly moonlight dance?  I suppose twice a year during the solstice the luncheon meats sneak out of their deli cases for a fairy romp on the beach.  At the end they transform themselves into not just sandwiches but Sandwi(T)ches! 

When I first found this ad I couldn't stop laughing it looks like the beach in the imaginary land of Picnic World.  What where they on back then?  I know all drugs were legal in the late 1800's but I think this guy took a little too much of the "muse".  "Our advertising artist's grotesque fancy makes the faeries illustrate that the Ferris Famous Hams give the best sort of body to a well constructed sandwich."  Ummm... What fairies are you seeing buddy? Perhaps one too many sips from your wine bag?  This is so indicative of how they used to talk back then, at least in the advertising genre.  Best sort of body?  It's a sandwich not a swimsuit model... and yes we all like a well constructed sandwich, perhaps that's why they're so expensive when I order out these days.  Architect and engineer fees for "construction".  And I love how they end the ad, "A little higher in price, but -"  But what?  I guess after the attack of the munchies after smoking his "muse" the text writer fell asleep on the couch.


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