Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Look Back...

As you can tell, I've been away from writing for a long time.  Things fell apart when we moved and went through a rough spot in finances which didn't allow me to be as creative with my cooking as I was before so I started relying on tried and true recipes for stir fry and Filipino foods along with large amounts of rice to fill our plates at mealtime.  I have posted at least one recipe for stir fry, my modified General Tso's Chicken but I never got much response about it and the one time I posted a Filipino recipe the silence was deafening.  Hence I stopped writing because I really had nothing to write about.

Sometimes in the life of a blog you just hit the proverbial brick wall and just lack anything good to write about.  Since I've always pressured myself for quality content over quantity I had to take a break.  I'm back now and as the old song says, "Papa's got a brand new bag".  The recipes I will be posting from now on will be a mixture of the vintage recipes you all love but mixed in will be some new ones from my own creation and can be anything from ethnic cooking to fusion cooking but with the one aim of keeping me from buying anything store made.

Yeah I started buying my bread again, and desserts.  Shame on me, and after looking at the ingredients list of some of the things I was buying I just died inside feeling like I had betrayed everything I had worked so hard on these past few years to transition to a vintage cooking and eating experience.  I'm done with that now.  In the past I know many of my recipes focused on the 1920's.  There were several reasons for this, namely I'm in love with that era, but there was a fundamental shift in eating habits starting with WWII.  Rationing introduced ingredients that may have been copacetic back then but are of extremely questionable quality now and I am not all aflutter about using these things.  By the 1950's the next era of cooking came into being with "convenience" recipes.  More reliance on canned soups and whatnot to make casseroles, ugh, I hate casseroles having eaten too many when I was a kid.  So taken in whole I tend to stick with the 1920's because that was the last era when we really saw purity of ingredients. 

The best indicator of longevity for a blog is not always the quantity of content but it's ability to bounce back from the doldrums.  I'm here to stay even if I have to take a break every so often, and I thank all of you for staying around and putting up with my writer's block.

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  1. I just found this blog tonight via Pinterest. I love your collection! It's so sad that "vintage" in recipes also means "more likely to use whole foods ingredients."

    Looking forward to reading more!


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