Sunday, February 10, 2013

Business Cards For the Blog

A short time ago... well not that short, it was December, I took a chance and bought some business cards for the blog from a website that specializes in online business card printing.  I did this because since I started working full time, I have been finding it increasingly hard to find time to cook vintage meals and even worse to write on the blog.  I went the month of January with getting 1 day off a week and that one day soon becomes errand day as all the chores you couldn't get done whilst working pile up to bite you on the bippy on your day off.  Back to the matter at hand, the business cards.  I work at an upscale grocer in the produce department and since we sell a large number of organic items I always get questions from customers about organic.  Also we are encouraged to share recipes with our customers so what better way to do both than through handing out business cards.  Most days I get the chance to hand out 1 or 2 and I can never know if anyone I gave a card to actually visits the blog, but maybe, just maybe, it will help to get the word out and slowly increase my pageviews per day to that 340 a day you need to be considered desirable by advertisers.  Yes, I do this because I love it, but if I make some money off of it that helps to offset the cost of supplies for the vintage recipes.


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