Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Gingervating

Yes little Billy is wound up before bedtime, bouncing off the walls and sliding down the banisters whist mom and dad look on with the same indulgent look I see on some parent's faces today while their kids tear through the place with enough destructive force to make Genghis Khan blush.  So by all means what the boy really needs now is sugary soda to give him even more impetus to go haywire.  Good grief woman give him some chamomile tea instead!

Canada Dry on the other hand used to be a good soda.  I say used to be because it's made with the all evil high fructose corn syrup now.  Now I've been drinking Mexican Coke and Sprite lately because it's actually still made from sugar.  If I drink the domestic stuff with HFCS in it I find myself noticing the bitter aftertaste left by that poison sweetener.  I don't drink that much soda compared to the American average which is an astonishing 150 quarts per year!1  I calculated it out and I think I do somewhere around 50 quarts per year, 1/3 the per capita US consumption rate, or <3 12oz bottles per week.  I'm not going to blame excess soda consumption for the obesity epidemic because I consume less and I'm still fat, but for some people you might want to reconsider your drink of choice, what's wrong with a glass of water?

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  1. I quite eating foods and drinking beverage with high fructose corn syrup. I read so many articles about it and how harmful or dangerous it is to our health. reading product labels is the best way to do to avoid fructose.


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